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Wordsparks specialises in the drafting and documenting of policies and procedures for franchising and the SME sector. While collaborating on a project for a client we shared several years ago Kangaroo Digital and I were discussing ways in which to take the operations and procedures manuals into the online space. After some discussions we agreed on a format and decided to trial an online operations manual presented as a password protected website. This worked so well for the first client that we have now successfully replicated the format and over the last year I have compiled 6 manuals in this way. My clients are ecstatic as information is readily available to their network of branches and updates are done quickly and efficiently and communicated in real time to the relevant operators.

Working with Kangaroo Digital is such a pleasure as they are efficient and always seems to “get” exactly what I want or need from the sites they set up. I am certainly not a web developer but Kangaroo Digital is very generous with their time and assists me whenever I ask for help. I look forward to developing the next 6 operations manual sites with them and am grateful for their foresight and knowledge in assisting me to bring what I do for my clients in a more efficient and exciting way.

Lesley-Caren Johnson